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The Psoas: Muscle of The Soul

I’ve just been so inspired by reading this article by DANIELLE PROHOM OLSON – The Psoas: Muscle of The Soul. Quoting her I’m reminded of Vanda Scaravelli’s insights into yoga, along with those of other body work practitioners such as Peter Levine and Don Hanlon Johnson (Bone, Breath and Gesture): ‘ (Liz) Koch believes that by cultivating a…

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Easter Retreat on Dartmoor

This season is an echo of each year’s song; Easter’s walk on the moor was cold and long, We circled unsure of where we’d gone… Weak light, for three days the sun’s not shone! Together, yet feet treading earth alone, The paths we’ve traversed feel all undone, And in the bitter air we turn, Track…

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