Note on the divide between emptiness and compassion

I was recently questioning my meditation teacher about a teaching I’d heard about time being a construct of the mind – in other words it does not inherently exist outside of the purpose for which it was conceived by the human mind.  Followed to its conclusion this line of thought says that, at the heart of everything, there is emptiness, non-arising…nothing is happening. I wanted to know whether acts of sacrificial love that demand nothing in return and happenings such resurrection and awakening essentially change the shape of space and time and, therefore, actually arise. His question has been a point of enquiry for me since. He said that the narrow path we walk in any spiritual practice is one that takes us down the razor-sharp edge between emptiness and compassion. If we fall too far into the realisation of emptiness, we stop caring. If we fall to far into the realisation of compassion, we get enmeshed in the workings of the world. In order to really love, we need to constantly define a path that holds these two dimensions in balance. Well, seems like I’ve got my work cut out for the next little time…! 😉

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