A note on Trauma

Yoga is becoming known within the world of contemporary bodywork to be an essential tool in the healing of trauma, or the disorientation of the human being. The key book in explaining this is called ‘Waking the Tiger’ by Peter Levine. In his introduction, Levine debates the idea that trauma has been traditionally regarded as a ‘psychological and medical disorder of the mind’. He writes: “Most trauma therapies address the mind through talk and the molecules of the mind with drugs. Both of these approaches can be of use. However, trauma is not, will not and can never be fully healed until we also address the essential role played by the body. We must understand how the body is affected by trauma and its central position in healing its aftermath. Without this foundation, our attempts at mastering trauma will be limited and one-sided.

“Beyond the mechanistic, reductionistic view of life, there exists a sensing, feeling, knowing, living organism. This living body, a condition we share with all sentient beings, informs us of our innate capacity to heal from the effects of trauma. This book is about the gift of wisdom we receive as a result of learning to harness and transform the body’s awesome, primordial and intelligent energies…”

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